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Xchnge Investment Training (Pty) Ltd educates professional individuals on Forex Trading on the JSE and international markets.Xchnge Trains students all over South Africa. The methods of training are geared toward online training for distant learning.Our methods of training include: Telephonic training, Zoom meetings, walk in clients at our head office in Midrand, Workshops, seminars etc.We pride ourselves in being market leaders in the industry for the last 15 years.


In general, Xchnge Investment training stock market trading software can help you in the following areas:


Identify Channel Breakouts


Generate high probability mechanical buy/sell signals


Control your risk


Forecast new tops and bottoms with great accuracy


Reveal trading trends for any time frame

Mission Statement Business

To offer Financial Markets education in a practical approach and to be the favorite Financial markets training institute.

Mission Statement Employees

To be the most interesting environment to work in , create an ambient working environment
with constant staff training ,and growth.

Our business is to train individuals on how the Stock market works,Derivatives which included Forex , CFDs , Future , Options and other related products.We do not invest on behalf of our clients or give any investments advise to anyone .We teach one to invest or trade from the comfort of their own homes or offices using their computers.

We are a growing business and we are learning new things as we grow .We boast of being in Stock market educational business for over 17 years and we are still going strong.



Trade Forex

Understanding the risks

 It may sound very appealing to trade in Forex because of the potential high gains, but before jumping in you need to understand the risks. Almost any kind of trading has its own risks; it can also result in big profits which is one of the reasons so many people enjoy trading in Forex. It is a risky, complex but also exhilarating task (when you are winning).

Forex is not something you should do without arming yourself with all the knowledge, tips, and expert advice that you can get! Never jump blindly into Forex trading because a mate said he makes tons of money off it. You must know what driving movement in currencies is, the economic and political landscape in those economies as well as global events, to name a few.

How To Start Forex Trading In South Africa?

Like any other profession, trading in the foreign exchange market requires specific knowledge, skills, and moral qualities. So, how to trade forex in South Africa and get to the desired top?

Forex trading lessons, articles, books, or videos – any information you need is right there for you. Xchnge Investment Training keeps up with all updates in the world of trading, so you can find a lot of interesting, and more importantly, high-quality content suggested by our professional team that really cares about the way you begin your journey as a trader.

We believe in providing the best personal support and service for our clients. We operate successfully around the globe and provide top notch services and platforms. Our goal is to make trading as easy and enjoyable as possible.



Our Accounts

CM Trading Platform

Web Based Trading Platform


ProTrading Platform

Web Based Training Platform


Open A Live Account

  • Upload your FICA/KYC documentation.
  • Once submitted, we will validate your identity and review your application.
  • Start Trading.

Open A Demo Account

Getting started on Protrader is a simple process. Users have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the functionality on Protrader by using the free 30-day trial, prior to trading on the live platform.


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Xchnge Investment Training and our representatives are not an FSP and we are not giving Investment advice to clients.

We are not trading and or will not trade on behalf of our clients.
We have a referral agreement with Velocity Trade for our clients to use their trading platform for trading purposes.
Our members of staff will not request login details from any of our clients for purposes of trading on their behalf. Below is the ONLY OFFICIAL BANKING DETAILS used for Registration and funding of the Traders accounts. Any other bank account details besides these should not be utilised to avoid being frauded or scammed.

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Xchnge Investment Training Pty Ltd                  

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Any queries please contact us on or call on (011) 883 3130